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Diabetic eye disease screening

Most sight loss from diabetic retinopathy can be prevented. But it is vital that it is diagnosed early. You may not realise that there is anything wrong with your eyesight, and so regular eye checks are extremely important.

We are able to offer a number of dedicated tests specifically designed to detect diabetic eye disease at an early stage.

Glaucoma, cataract & AMD

If you suffer or think you may suffer with glaucoma, cataract or AMD (Age related Macula Degeneration) we are able to adapt our eye examination to investigate your specific problem and to try and give you the best vision we can.

Intuitive coloured overlay assessment for dyslexia

For children who suffer with reading and writing difficulties caused by visual dyslexia we are able to assess their suitability for coloured overlays and ultimately for coloured spectacles if they prove to suffer from ‘scotopic sensitivity’ . We work closely in association with The Institute of Optometry, London, when it comes to coloured spectacles. Read more...

Visual field assessment

Visual field analysers are used to detect blind spots in
the vision and offer us the opportunity to diagnose common and less common eye conditions ranging from glaucoma to brain tumours. Paul Whiteman Optometrists are registered to perform visual field examinations on behalf of the DVLA (Drivers Vehicle Licensing Authority).

Dry eyes and punctum plug fitting

For those suffering with severe dry eye conditions the fitting of punctum plugs can offer relief and may eliminate the need for you to regularly instil ocular lubricant drops and gels.

Watery eyes and tear duct syringing

Many people suffer with watery eyes and require their tear ducts syringed to improve tear flow. We are able to perform this simple procedure for you.


NHS & Private eye examinations

Our fees for private eye examinations reflect our commitment to a high standard of patient care and our investment in the very best instrumentation to examine your eyes.

We are fully committed to the NHS and continue to accept those patients wishing to be seen under the NHS general ophthalmic services. However, we are keen that all patients are offered the opportunity to extend the scope of the NHS eye examination by offering further services which go beyond that expected by the NHS.

Changes to our NHS fee structure from 2013

From January 1st 2013 those patients eligible for NHS help with the cost of their sight test, will be asked to pay an additional fee of £15.00. This fee will cover the cost of providing the extra services we consider essential for a comprehensive eye examination but which are not adequately funded by the NHS Sight Test fee.

If you do not wish to take up benefits of our new comprehensive ‘extended’ eye examination and opt for a ‘basic’ NHS Eye Test please advise our reception staff at the time of booking your appointment.

Exceptions to the new ‘extended’ NHS eye exam

  1. Most children and students under 19 years old will not require the extended eye examination.

  2. Some simple eye examinations, such as after a cataract operation or laser eye surgery may well be adequately catered for by the basic NHS Sight Test.

  3. Patients attending Hospital eye clinics regularly or who have have been requested to attend Paul Whiteman Optometrists by the Hospital (e.g. glaucoma shared care scheme) may not require an ‘extended‘ eye exam.

Our promise of care

Whether you undertake a basic NHS, extended NHS or  private eye examination we promise to treat all of our patients with the same standard of care.

Additional diagnostic procedures

In certain cases patients may require additional diagnostic procedures not covered by either the NHS or our extended eye examination.

The following Fees & charges detail these additional procedures.