We’re no longer performing NHS eye examinations

After 34yrs of practice in Reigate and following the COVID 19 lockdown period we have found that it is no longer financially viable for Paul Whiteman Optometrists to perform NHS eye examinations. From Wednesday 24th June 2020 we will continue to support children and students under 19yrs but will no longer be able to perform examinations for adults over 60yrs, diabetics, glaucoma patients and their close relatives. Our decision to ‘go private’ was not an easy one and we would like to thank all of our loyal NHS patients for their support in the past. We hope that you will continue to support us in the future and join the largest majority of our patients who have always paid privately for their eye care services.
As in the past, we plan to continue to invest in instrumentation to measure your eyes in ways that were previously impossible thereby allowing us to diagnose eye problems at a much earlier stage and allowing more effective treatments with better outcome.

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