Important – COVID-19 emergency eye care & contact lens service

I wish to summarise Paul Whiteman Optometrists position on supporting our patients and the wider community who may need our advice and assistance in the coming weeks as we endure the third COVID 19 lockdown.
Eye care services
We will be continuing to provide essential eye care services from 4th January onwards.
Anyone who feels they have a serious eye problem and wishes to seek our advice should use one of the ‘Contact Us’ methods below. We are able to give you advice or conduct a ‘remote triage’ consultation via phone, Zoom, FaceTime or Skype and if necessary, give you an appointment to attend our practice to consult a practitioner.
Spectacle wearers
Spectacle wearers who require assistance e.g. broken, damaged, lost spectacles should contact us, to explain their problem using one of the ‘Contact Us’ methods below initially before attending our practice.
Contact lens wearers  
Patients who have eye problems related to contact lens wear should remove the contact lenses immediately and Contact Us for advice and assistance. 
For those contact lens wearers who we currently supply contact lenses to either via Home Delivery or by Collection From  Practice please read the following changes we have made to the way we will be delivering your contact lens supplies. We have decided to make these changes to ensure your safety and that of our staff.  
For those who normally collect their lenses from our practice-Collect From Practice patients, we propose, from now on, to arrange delivery of them directly to you at your chosen Delivery Address rather than to our practice.
For those who normally receive their lenses via Home Delivery we would like you to confirm your Delivery Address as some of our patients are not currently residing at their normal Delivery Address.  For this reason we are asking ALL of our contact lens patients to go to our Contact Lens Orders page (also see header menu above) and complete the relevant delivery confirmation form. Without this we cannot ensure timely delivery of your lenses. It is currently taking 6 working days for lenses to be delivered following their despatch by the manufacturer.
In the meantime, we would like to assure you that all our contact lens suppliers have put in place secure and efficient delivery systems to ensure the continued supply of your lenses.
We have set up a dedicated email address to use during the Covid 19 confinement period.
The email address above should be used to contact us in preference to any other you may have used in the past. This address it is being monitored more closely than any other of our email addresses.
TELEPHONE:  01737 223202
This telephone number is manned from 9.00 am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Calls outside this period will be directed to an external answerphone.   
Finally, we thank you for your patience…
Please be assured we have been putting procedures in place to maintain our support for all patients needs during this difficult period.
As we endure this third period of lockdown we would ask you to be patient if you do not receive an immediate reply to your enquiries.
We thank you for your ongoing support.

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